by derek g. fuller


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Derek G. Fuller has always been an artist at heart; from decorating his bedroom walls with murals to creating his own t-shirts by painting the logos of skateboarding and snowboarding companies with fabric paint, he's always done it for pure enjoyment. While working on construction sites and lamenting the astonishing amount of wood being thrown away, Derek got an idea...

He took an old pallet home, tore it apart, and rebuilt it.  Then he sanded, stained, and painted his reconstructed art project in a rustic style that turned out so well it surprised even him!

After the first piece, Derek can't seem to keep up with all of his creative ideas fast enough.  Friends and family members immediately requested orders for their homes and offices and extended family members.  What began as an experimental hobby has turned into a labor of love and a creative outlet for the always-artist-at-heart.